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Learner Teachers to be able to work with Children effectively

Having qualified young learners teacher is a prominent key in the success of learning teaching in the class. Young learner teachers who are caring, committed, resourceful, and professional would be able to create a learning environment that maximizes the learning process and brings each individual student valuable progress in all aspects of his/her development.

Our programs on Teachers Development are designed to facilitate young learner teachers to be able to work with children effectively by creating an enjoyable and meaningful learning environment and designing activities which are developmentally appropriate.

Besides, we also design various engaging students programs to facilitate them improve and develop their cognitive and social skills in fun and meaningful activities during holidays and weekends.

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Teacher Development Program

On Site Workshop

Assisting the school in deciding the best curriculum, developing school curriculum which is based upon either the local or international curriculum according to the school’s vision/mission, revising the school’s existing curriculum and creating school’s non academic programs.

Hosting Various Seminar & Workshop

Hosting various seminars and workshops by inviting national or international speakers to enrich teachers teaching skills and broaden teachers knowledge that enable them to become professional teachers.

Student Development Program

Holiday Program

English Immersion

Summer Camp

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