The learning program in GROWING KID SCHOOL Kindergarten level has been programmed to prepare preschoolers to have THE 21st CENTURY LEARNING READINESS. Students are given more experiences in developing their social skills, communication skills, creative and thinking skills, collaboration skill, and the basic skill in applying technology.

About GKS Kindergarten

Kindergarten program is for children at the age of 4 to 6 years old. In this level, children are given more opportunities to develop their abilities. As children grow to be adventurous learners, the learning programs at this level are designed to be more challenging for them.

The curriculum constructed for this level accommodates more areas of development. The two main programs both Academic and Non Academic apparently support the needs of nurturing children to be a whole adventurer.

Students are always engaged in an active conceptual learning applied in many subjects like INDONESIAN, MANDARIN, ENGLISH, MATH, SCIENCE, ART & CRAFT, PHONICS, GYM TIME, CIRCLE TIME, COMPUTER. The conceptual learning is designed to make young learners understand how to make projects with friends, how to actively ask / answer the questions, how to observe things, how to recognize technology, and even how to help others in class.  Students are engaged in an interactive play that enable them to explore things in the real-world concepts. In Kindergarten, Students are guided to learn about the basic characters of humanity. They learn how to show kindness, generosity, truthfulness, self-discipline, appreciation and confidence through a role play or daily practice in the classroom. In fostering their muscles growth and motoric skill, students are encouraged to have some physical exercises in Yoga, Gymnastics and play activities. The students’ creative thinking is also developed into fun activities for making crafts, drawing figures, painting pictures, pasting craft objects, and coloring them using their imagination. Students in Kindergarten are not only see and explore things, but they’ll learn how their experiences becomes an adventure in life.

Art & Craft
Gym Time
Circle Time