As an educator, the changes of life aspects nowadays has empowered me with a bigger motivation to view education as a more challenging field. It’s not merely a result of cognitive learning but more on growing the innate-potential abilities of every being that involves his personal character, social emotional abilities in adjustment to other people, technologies, surroundings, and nature. In fact, education surely develops more than just the knowledge but also maturity, sensitivity, flexibility and also creativity to shape learners becoming a whole human.

Our History

We’re Born

with 12 students

GKS Started Its First Step

Having a passion to explore the nature of children development, GKS started its first step in 2008 by accepting 12 students placed in two different levels of playgroup classes. Those students were nurtured and developed thoroughly in fostering their potential growth through challenging activities.

Along with the children development outcomes noticed by the people around our school area, there are more and more parents visit and trust their kids education in our hands. Right now, in 2015 we’re educating a growing number of students leveled in Playgroup, Kindergarten, and Pre-elementary.

As a developing school, GROWING KID, provides a fun enjoyable and caring learning atmosphere for children education in the north area of Surabaya city. It’s a national school that develops children innate-potentials through update-academic learning and challenging-skills activities equipped with social-emotional characters development program.

Vision & Mission

Continuously Grow Children Potentials

Growing Kid School views childhood as a precious but unique stage where every experience will determine children’s step in the future. Therefore, we’re committed to continuously grow children potentials by guiding and nurturing their skills and abilities that enable them to become whole humans in life.

Guided and Given Real-Life Experiences

In this school, children are guided and given real-life experiences to foster their potential abilities and personal competence to enhance their growth in independence, personal emotion, socialization, communication, cognition/reasoning, and perceptual motor-skill, equipped with effective leadership principles.

School & Facilities

A decorated classroom equipped with an air-conditioner and colorful adjustable tables or chairs to meet the learning needs of different activities.


A reasonable indoor play area for younger children are also provided to promote children gross-motor skills and imaginative play using playhouse, kitchen play set, climber, slides, see-saw, kid bikes, and many more.


A garden with outdoor play equipment such as climbers, slides and swing, are available to enhance students’ growing physical skills and social interaction outside the class.


Our collections of imported reading books, popped-up story books, kids magazines, and moral-valued pictorial books enable children to have a wide horizon of the world around them.


A room with internet connected computers equipped with fun interactive learning program that enables children to engage in Technology.