GROWING KID SCHOOL has updated the Playgroup program for young explorers at the age of 2 to 4 years old to prepare their basic skills of the THE 21st CENTURY LEARNING. Children are involved in various activities to develop the basic of social skills, communication skills, creative and critical thinking skills supported with their independence and confidence.

About GKS Play Group

GKS has constructed a developing learning program for young explorers at the age of 2 to 4 years old. Children at this stage are exposed to various hands-on learning activities to stimulate independency, social interaction, and self-esteem or discipline.

The curriculum of this level emphasizes on the main areas of children development (physical, cognitive, and socio-emotional aspects) which are specified into both academic and non-academic programs.

The learning activities in Playgroup are designed to develop the learning skills above through various activities inserted in many subjects of knowledge they’ve learned in ENGLISH, INDONESIAN, MANDARIN, MATH, SENSORIAL, PHONICS, CIRCLE TIME, ART & CRAFT, GYM TIME, COMPUTER. As toddlers and preschoolers are always active, the learning activities are designed to fulfill their passion in playing. Through creative play activities, young learners are involved in games for finding objects, matching the similarities and guessing pictures, sorting, sewing, scooping, and many others which enable them to explore things while playing. In developing their critical thinking, students are exposed to listening to stories/critical questions, or seeing multimedia video clips that will develop their knowledge of things around them. Students’ social skills is also trained in group activities, pair works, and even in guided role play around the class. All in all, the learning activities in Playgroup will build the basic foundation of managing their own selves and being trustworthy explorers.

Art & Craft
Gym Time
Circle Time