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About GKS Playgroup

GKS has constructed a developing learning program for young explorers at the age of 2 to 4 years old. Children at this stage are exposed to various hands-on learning activities to stimulate independency, social interaction, and self-esteem or discipline.

The curriculum of this level emphasizes on the main areas of children development (physical, cognitive, and socio-emotional aspects) which are specified into both academic and non-academic programs.

Academic Programs

The Academic Programs offer different learning activities which focus on Language and Literacy, Mathematics Knowledge, Scientific Knowledge, Morals Values for Social Interaction, Physical Body Movement, and also Art. Children are scheduled to experience learning in all those aspects on daily basis.

Non-Academic Programs

The Non-Academic Programs provide more explorations for young learners in practicing their habitual formation for self discipline, life-skills, bodily kinesthetic skills, social skills, and also their self-confidence. To facilitate the development of these skills, children will be involved in various activities such as kids yoga, art and craft, dancing, singing, etc.

The subjects area taught in this level are:

Bahasa Indonesia
Hand-Body Movement
Art & Craft